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This website offers free tools to assess the risks of physical work load and a 5-step approach to guide during the process of tackling the present issues.

Assessment tools

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The physical load checklist can be used for initial screening of the possible risks associated with all kinds of physical load. The results give an overview of the risks associated with the task under assessment.

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HARM highlights the risks associated with hand and arm tasks. A 6-step assessment procedure is used to determine the risk of arm, neck or shoulder complaints for each type of task. The results indicate the extent to which the risk factors detected contribute to the overall risk.

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WRAP can be used to detect risks due to unfavourable working postures. The results of WRAP indicate whether such risks exist, and if so which working postures they are associated with.

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The push and pull check (DUTCH) is a method to assess the physical load during push and pull tasks. The instrument is easy to apply, without the necessity of performing (force) measurements.

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The Checklist Better behind your screens (BAS) can be used to assess risks while working behind screens (computer, laptop, tablet, etc.). The results indicate which results are present and how these risks can be tackled.

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Physical load guide

I want to tackle the risks in my organization

Physical load guide

Physically demanding work can hinder the sustainable employability of employees. This guide outlines five steps that will help you get started to find and tackle the issues.

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